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Through the years, Deldar Legal has gained recognition for aggressively fighting for our clients and helping them obtain the compensation they deserve. This is a testament to our compassion, dedication and steadfast commitment to holding negligent parties accountable.

Totally amazing.

Mona really helped me and I feel a lot safer knowing I have her to turn to if anything happens again.

– Terry S.

Very professional.

A pleasure to work with.

– Greg Lewin

Excellent attorneys!

I could not be more satisfied!

– Bart Levi

Very thorough and incredibly pleasant.

This team was very thorough and incredibly pleasant.

– Frank Watson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Everyone here was so helpful and attentive thank you so much for everything!

– Claira Dieda

I can’t appreciate them enough!

The Deldar team supported me at a time of my highest stress.

– Samm Azen

I cannot recommend the folks at Delder Legal enough!

They are so caring and made me feel so comfortable through such a difficult process.

– Grace Bosley

At this time, just looking for possible legal representation.

Website is attractive, easy to use, & indicates a high degree of organizational professionalism.

– Sandi Lovinger

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Quick response to any queries. Very professional Team and they provide you clarities for each segment of the case.”

– Silver Gagarin

Great attorneys and law firm.

They are so caring and easy to talk to during a stressful time.

– Claire Lewin

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I’m so lucky that I chose Deldar Legal to handle my case! Great firm with great staff top to bottom.

– Jordan Lovinger

If I could give 6 stars I would.

Amazing people who really care about their clients.

– Tangerine Funk

Mona was incredible and really put my mind at ease.

Cannot thank her enough for the consultation and help she provided..

– Terry Smith

Amazing attorneys

Loved working with them.

– Jamie Erwin

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing an attorney!

We needed an attorney for my grandfather who was injured in an accident and were referred to Deldar legal from another company. They have been nothing but amazing! They have helped us with all of our concerns and needs and have been thorough the entire way through. They are consistent, efficient, all while having excellent customer service.

– Karri P.

They got the job done!

“I was involved in a 3 car accident and was referred to Deldar Legal by another legal office. Stephany was very helpful with answering all my questions and reassured me that I was in good hands I didn’t have to worry about anything and they got the job done!”

– Albery C.

Highly recommend.

They are super communicative, very easy to get in touch with for questions/follow up, and move with amazing efficiency!

– Katie Moses

Thank you Deldar Legal Team!

“I reached out to Deldar Legal for assistance with a back injury caused by an auto accident. Stephany and team were great to work with from the start and were extremely responsive, and they kept an open line of communication the entire time. Prior to reaching out to Deldar Legal, I was feeling stressed and hassled. Deldar Legal stepped in and made this a smooth, worry free process.”

– Cynthia R.

“If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of working with insurance companies, Deldar Legal are the lawyers to use!”

The folks at Deldar Legal are a determined group of hard working professionals. They always go the extra mile for their clients and are quick to return calls.

– Farrokh Mokhtar

I would definitely use them again.

“Great lawyers, they took care of everything(dealing with the insurance and medical paperwork.”

– Milton C.

I’ve really enjoyed working with these attorneys.

They really pay a lot of attention to each case and treat their staff extremely well!

These attorneys have been a total pleasure to work with

Caring, compassionate, and hardworking! Highly recommend!

– Ben Lewin

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Our questions and concern are answered in a timely manner and Stephanie is an excellent help. Thank you.”

– Malou

I’ve Used Deldar Legal Attorneys For Almost a Decade.

Stephany was very helpful in keeping me on track with my settlement. As busy as I was, she kept calling to make sure 1-I was ok post accident and 2-I processed my accident in a timely manner to get the care I needed. She even called to remind me to sign the settlement documentation. Being rear-ended on the freeway and having a furry friend traumatized was not a fun situation. I felt like I didn’t have to worry about the processing of my accident with the other party with the help of Deldar Legal. In the end, I’m happy with the result and appreciate their hard work and considerations to make sure I can move on. Attorney Karan Gill did a great job in keeping me in the loop when it was all said and done. He even provided a great explanation of the breakdown of my settlement.”

– Khristine L.

Deldar legal was great in helping with my personal injury case from a car accident from start to end.

“Stephany was a big help from all the paper work and forms that needed signatures and keeping me updated throughout the process. Atty, karan was great in explaining the details of my settlement. I’m glad Deldar legal handled my case. Thanks Stephany and Deldar legal and team for doing a great job.”

– Ron B.

“I felt like I didn’t have to worry about the processing of my accident with the other party with the help of Deldar Legal.”

Stephany was very helpful in keeping me on track with my settlement. As busy as I was, she kept calling to make sure 1-I was ok post accident and 2-I processed my accident in a timely manner to get the care I needed. She even called to remind me to sign the settlement documentation. Being rear-ended on the freeway and having a furry friend traumatized was not a fun situation. In the end, I’m happy with the result and appreciate their hard work and considerations to make sure I can move on. Attorney Karan Gill did a great job in keeping me in the loop when it was all said and done. He even provided a great explanation of the breakdown of my settlement.”

– Khristine L.

I’ve only had the best experience with Deldar Legal.

“The legal team are very professional and friendly. My small questions were answered there an then. I recommend Deldar Legal if you want quality experienced attorneys with no surprises!”

– Amanda B.

I highly recommend letting Mona Deldar represent you when in an accident.

She did everything perfectly which kept me stress free while she dealt with the insurance companies. I’m very happy that I too was recommended to use her services. Thank you Mona!

– Ayar M.

Mona Deldar and her team provided an excellent service to me.

“I had a wonderful experience working with their team. I am very happy they accepted my case. They care about their clients and always be available for them. Even though my case was hard but I was very confident that I was in a good hand. They worked above and beyond my expectations and were able to win my case and I got my fair share. I am very pleased with the outcome!”

– Azi S.

I am happy with the way how Deldar Legal have handled my case.

The auto accident case was successfully settled . Mona was very easy to communicate with. Thank you.

– Ihsan J.

We worked with Deldar legal on a car accident rear end collision that involved injury..

“Mona offered the right advice and was transparent throughout the case handling. Stephanie and Karan from Mona’s team helped the whole process.”

– Ramla J.

Deldar Legal was really helpful in working with the insurance company to settle our accident claim..

They directly worked with the hospitals to retrieve the medical bills and worked with the car insurance company to pay for the treatment expenses. I am happy with the way Mona and her team of attorneys have handled the case!

– Rawther J.

Mona Deldar and her team of attorneys have helped us to reclaim the expenses we incurred from a rear ending car accident

I highly recommend Deldar legal as your car accident attorney. They are extremely professional and always available to answer your questions/concerns.

– Raj K.

The Deldar Legal Team was very responsive and helpful with my case.

I was in a car accident and was hit from behind. I was recommended by another law firm about Deldar Legal to help me with my situation and couldn’t have asked for a better team. Deldar Legal provided excellent customer service and provided knowledge of how to handle lawsuits. They reassured me and guided me every step of the way throughout my case.

– Megan S

The best

“Deldar legal law office staff handled everything, legal issues, insurance companies, doctors, bills…everything…I didn’t have to do anything, I’m very happy.”

– Remy G

“Your office provides an excellent accommodation with our needs”

“Thank you and we enjoyed the level of service we received. Your office provides an excellent accommodation with our needs. Thank you.”

– Jeron Bautista

“If you or someone you care about is involved in an accident, call Deldar Legal!”

“A year or so ago I was involved in an accident which left me injured for several months. Mona and Stephany were quick to comfort me and assist in all of my legal and medical questions/concerns.”

– Gabriel P.

I highly recommend Deldar Legal.

“The process was stress free for me and they were extremely helpful, any questions that I had were answered right away and they got to my case right away as well. Please don’t hesitate to give them a call and consider them for representation, you won’t regret it. They fight hard for you, specially Karan Gill, he was very nice and helpful.”

– Santana M.

“I was extremely satisfied with this law firm.”

“Kept me informed on all aspects of my case. I would highly recommend this legal team.”

– Marilou S.

“I was recently in a bad auto accident with my elderly mom in Visalia CA.”

“I contacted Deldar Legal and they have been wonderful. They took care of everything. I was explained everything and my legal right. At Deldar Legal they are handling all. What a comfort this has been.”

– Roxanne M.

“They were very helpful through out the case process.”

“They gave us outstanding service. We felt very comfortable and confident with her by our side.”

– Ernie B.

Great legal services

I am pleased to have chosen Mona as my attorney to handle my legal issues. Her staff and expertise made a great difference in the outcome. Thank you.

– John

Mona was very helpful in negotiating the best offer available.

She has kept me informed throughout the whole process. She is very professional and knowledgeable of the law and has worked very well for me. I would highly recommend her for any legal work needed.

– Marilou

Helpful and Understanding

Mona Deldar was very helpful in settling my case. She gave me information I needed, assigned an awesome lawyer to me, and stayed in touch whenever necessary. I would go to her again if needed.

– Anonymous

Look No Further!

Nobody ever wants to work with an attorney; however, if you find your self needing an attorney, your search should end with Mona. I was very weary of attorneys in general, but this firm came highly recommended so I trusted them with my case. I was beyond impressed with Mona and her staff. They were always responsive to my emails and phone calls and were detailed in making sure every aspect of my case was considered. Mona is very nice but against the insurance company, she is an aggressive go-getter. I was very impressed! I received a settlement that exceeded my expectations. I’ve since recommend others to her office and the feedback has been equally positive

– Anonymous

The attorneys were great and very professional.

Not sure what I would have done without them.

– Roxanne Manning

bicycle vs car

It will be worth your time to talk to Mona before you decide on representation. Picking your lawyer is very hard so put some effort into it. Talk to several because it’s like having to decide if you are going to get married on the basis of one date. The process takes at least two years because the other side is under no pressure to settle until the two years are over. You and your lawyer are going to spend a long time working together and essentially once you choose your lawyer, it’s hard to change that. You can see I gave Mona top marks in the five categories. Honestly, you can’t learn if someone is going to keep you informed from a single meeting so these reviews will provide some useful information. I have a friend who is going this now and his lawyer does not keep him informed to the point that my friend would like to fire him. But it’s very hard to fire your lawyer. Just a few things that might be helpful to know. It’s not personal, but the insurance companies are not nice and they won’t be in any hurry to settle. I have unfortunately been run over twice and Mona has represented me both times. After both accidents, I did everything I could to recover, which ironically, makes getting a fair settlement more difficult. It’s ultimately going to come down to a number. I found that that number I received never made me feel like the full extent of my injury was acknowledged and/or compensated. I was thoroughly smashed up both times but as I said, I worked hard to get better. The extent of my injuries was not what the law acknowledged , it was the level of recovery that was the determining factor in the size of the settlement. That said, I did my homework. My settlements were fair in comparison to what others received. My knee cap was broken into seven pieces. I found a ‘kneecap injury settlement’ for exactly the same amount as mine. I don’t know the specifics of the other injury. I will tell you there aren’t enough zeros on a check when your knee cap looks like someone stepped on a stale cookie. But that’s why you have a lawyer.

– Bill

Fantastic Assistance Settling Monetary Issue

I contacted Ms. Mona Deldar for assistance in settling a monetary issue that was escalating into a lawsuit. She quickly resolved the issue, thus avoiding a potentially costly set of legal proceedings. Prior to working with Mona, I had been in contact with a number of other legal firms. While they seemed helpful, it was only after meeting with Mona that I realized that they were not really working in my best interest (they were just looking to make a buck). I never got that impression from Mona and I was delighted when I saw how quickly she negotiated the terms of the settlement. I am truly appreciative of her efforts and know-how. I would recommend Ms. Mona Deldar to anyone confronting legal matters of this nature.

– Neda

Great Attorney

“We were involved in a contract dispute”. My wife and I were remodeling our house. The contractor failed to cover the open roof and heavy rain destroyed the whole house. When we asked for the damages and getting our house back, the contractor refused and left the job. Living in a rental apartment for four months and left with a worthless house, we contacted Mona Deldar and she graciously accepted our case. Her confidence, knowledge and persistence quickly turned things around. To our amazement Mona effectively and aggressively fought with the contractor’s well seasoned attorney and in less than two months the contractor finished our house and paid for all the damages. We are very happy with the result and recommend Monal Deldar with no reservation.

– Mohammad & Niki

Mona Deldar (Deldar Legal) – a good firm!

I was referred to Mona Deldar by a prestigious L.A. law firm. She did a very good job on my auto injury claim, haggling with a big name insurance company that had gotten very tough and even rude to me before I had an attorney. Overall I felt Mona was easy to communicate with – she was personable, understanding and professional. She referred me to a phenomenal Chiropractor (after a bad experience with the first one I had chosen) and I got excellent and healing care from this Chiropractor. Throughout Mona kept me informed and in the end got a timely settlement for me that was quite good. I was very pleased with my experience with her. An excellent lawyer and one you can trust. I highly recommend her.

– Gina

Excellent Attorney

Ms. Deldar assisted us on a very delicate legal matter with care and compassion, while her professionalism and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. Because of her extensive knowledge of the law and expertise, we were able to win the case in court. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s in search for a trustworthy lawyer who actually cares.

– Anonymous

Excellent Attorney

To anyone seeking an honorable and trustworthy attorney, I highly recommend Mona Deldar Law Firm. Ms. Deldar and her dedicated and professional staff guided me through a complex and difficult case with the utmost care, compassion and attention to detail. With incredible diligence, assertiveness and depth of knowledge, she was able to yield an outcome beyond my expectations and her integrity and veracity are truly commendable. It is with high praise and deep gratitude that I recommend Ms. Deldar and Mona Deldar Law Firm.

– Tony

One Tough Lawyer

I had a slip and fall accident at a gym where I ended up getting surgery. I talked to different lawyers but wasn’t sold on any of them. A friend recommended Mona’s office. After my first phone conversation with her, I signed up and never looked back. The gym initially denied my claim but Mona and her team never took “no” for an answer. They were aggressive and relentless. We ended up settling the case right before trial for an amount that I was very happy with. My wholehearted thanks and endorsement goes to Mona and her firm.

– Maria

Thank you

I contacted Mona Deldar’s Law Firm for consultation regarding my traffic accident. In our initial meeting, Ms. Deldar came across as adroit and professional, and I was happy that she agreed to represent my case. While being involved in an auto accident and the ensuing claims are never a happy occasion but I was pleased with the representation I received from the law firm and was quite satisfied with the final results.

– Mark

Dependable attorney with knowledge

I have worked with Attorney Mona Deldar and she has knowledge of the law. She is trustworthy to get the work done on time and other attorneys had praised her on her work.

– Steve

Excellent Attorney

Ms. Deldar and her firm represented me in a major car accident that I was involved in. She was sharp, aggressive and obtained a settlement that exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend her firm if you’re looking for an excellent attorney who will handle your entire case from beginning to end without any hassle or worrying that the job will get done right.

– Bruno

Committed, Professional and Knowledgeable.

Mona Deldar strives for excellence. Her professional approach to deal with the issues made me feel very much at ease in working with her. She is detail oriented, committed and knowledgeable in personal injury law and she deeply cares for her clients. I strongly recommend her.

– Susan

I’ve Used Deldar Legal Attorneys For Almost a Decade.

They are smart, diligent, enthusiastic, and reliable. I recommend them.

– D. Manning

They Are Talented Attorneys.

I had the pleasure of working with Deldar Legal. They are talented attorneys and I would recommend them to anyone seeking attorney representation.

– J. Yarbrough

Deldar Legal Came Highly Recommended.

Deldar legal came highly recommended by a friend…Their attorneys were immediately on top of the case and handled every aspect promptly.

– P. Ghiassi


It’s amazing how from the very first conversation I am always put at ease. The attorneys provide helpful advice and my case is handled aggressively and efficiently.

– M. Doucette

I Got An Amazing Settlement.

Through their knowledge of the law, persistence and advocating spirit, the attorneys completely turned the tables, and I got an amazing settlement.

– A. Delcia

Committed, Professional & Knowledgeable.

Mona Deldar strives for excellence. Her professional approach to deal with the issues made me feel very much at ease in working with her.

– S. Sahami

Excellent Client Service.

Great communication and follow up, extremely knowledgeable and thorough, well prepared and high proficiency.

– Injury Client

We Appreciate All That You Did.

We appreciate all that you did for us. With your help, we were able to get through it. Thank you so much for your support and assistance in finally reaching a settlement for me.

– M. Salvalem

I Couldn’t Be Happier.

I had a case that was initially turned away by other lawyers…I went from thinking I had no case to being awarded a six figure settlement. I couldn’t be happier.

– T. Rivera
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